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Nubra® Frequently Asked Questions:
DO NOT apply Nubra® OUT OF THE BOX WITHOUT FIRST washing your breasts!
Nubra by Bragel International-inventor of the self adhesive center clasp stick on bra.Your natural body oil, creams, lotions, cosmetics, SUN BLOCK and powders will clog the patented self HEALING bra adhesive.

Wash your Nubra® each night under warm running water with a liquid soap (non moisturizing) and drip dry on hosiery hooks by the clasps.
Return them to their case when dry. DO NOT press towels, tissues, clothing on the adhesive side. The lint will also clog the adhesive pores!
Nubra Featherlite- 70% lighter than the silicone Nu BraFrequently Asked Questions: silicone Nubra®, Nubra® Super Padded ultra
Feather-lite and non padded Nubra® Featherlite bra cups.

1: What is Nubra®?
A: Nubra® features two soft silicone gel or light polyester and foam bra cups (depending on the style u buy) with an adhesive backing baked into each cup, plus a patented front closure for cleavage control. Placing the cups further apart towards the armpit then closing the clasps will give you better cleavage!

2: Why are Nubra® cups better than other adhesive backless/strapless bras on the market?
A: Nubra® is the most natural and the only self-adhesive bra that is washable and reusable. When traveling, use a hoisery hanger to drip dry the separated Nubra® cups by the center clasps.

3: Is Nubra® comfortable to wear?
A: Yes, the minute you wear Nubra® you will instantly find freedom and comfort from the absence of bra straps. Because Nubra® adheres to your body, it becomes a part of you, and you will not feel its existence in minutes. Because the cups are separate, they move with you and become a part of you.

4: How do I put the bra cups on?

A: Simply position, press on and go. Please see detailed application instructions. Experimenting with placement will allow for more or less cleavage. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Pull your breasts into the position you want them to be, THEN press the cups onto the breasts and clasp the center clips.

5: Is Nubra® adhesive skin friendly?
A: Yes, the special adhesive has been lab tested and proven. It will not cause any irritation or sensitization to any type of human skin, oily or dry.

6: Will it hurt when I remove the Nubra®?
A: No, it will not hurt at all. The proper way to remove is, peeling from the top to follow the force of gravity.

7: Is Nubra® easy to clean and maintain?
A: Yes, simply wash your Nubra® with mild soap and warm water. Once dried, place them back into the original tray and cover it with the lid to keep foreign particles away or hang to dry with hoisery hangers. Please refer to cleaning instructions. You can also use the Nubra Cleanser which is specially designed to prolong the life of the Nubra self adhesive bra and works much better than mild soap.

8: How is Nu-bra® washable and reusable?
A: The state-of-the-art adhesive is not water soluble. The Nubra® cups will be tacky and sticky only when they dry. Their stickiness adhesion can be regenerated by washing and drying, please refer to cleaning and care instructions.

9: Does Nubra® really stay on? What happens if I perspire?
A: If all instructions are followed carefully, we guarantee that Nu bra® cups will stay on securely even if you perspire. It's recommended that you wash and dry your skin thoroughly before application and never use powders or body creams on breasts prior to use.

10: How long will Nu bra and Nubra® Featherlite adhesive last?
A: Nubra® should have a similar product life as a conventional bra. However, life of your Nubra® adhesive depends on how well you follow the cleaning instructions. Our tests show that over 120 applications are easily achieved for the original silicone Nubra® padded cups, when the instructions are followed.

NOTE: The Nubra® Featherlite styles last over 50 times when washed in the same manner as the Nubra® Silicone padded gel cups.

11: What size should I order?
A:  Order your usual bra cup size (bra cup without any padding). If you are between sizes, get the next larger size. Do not use for support if you are larger than a C cup. For D cups we recommend the Nubra® ultra Featherlite.

12: What are the available sizes for Nubra® adhesive, stick on cups?
A:  Nubra® Silicone stick on gel bra cups come in three sizes: A, B and C cup.
B:  Nubra® Featherlite- A to D cups
C:  Nubra® SUPER PADDED Featherlite come in AA to B cups

13: What are the available colors for Nubra®?
A: For practical purposes we only carry Nude colors only at this time.

14: Besides following the instructions, Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my Nubra® adhesive?
A: Yes, we recommend that you use a cotton pad with alcohol to wipe your breasts and remove excessive skin oils prior to wearing any of the Nubra® stick on bra products. It forms a protective coating and improves adhesion between Nubra® and skin. By doing this, you can extend the life of your Nubra® patented self regenerating adhesive. Again, never use body creams, oils or powder on breasts prior to using the Nubra®, this applies to ALL Nubra® self adhesive bra products.

15. Do I really need to clean my breasts with the skin preps wipes before each use?
Not really!!! We have found that using plain rubbing alcohol around the breasts on a cotton pad will also extend the life the your Nubra® by removing excess oil. No need to wash the alcohol off before using your Nubra®.

16. Do Nubra® cups hurt when removed?
No! Nubra® does not hurt when removed. Nor does it leave any residue on the skin. Remove the bra slowly starting at one end and peel gently off breast. The Nubra® adhesive will NOT STICK to your skin.

17. Why can’t I return Nubra®?
A: Nubra®’s unique patented self regenerating adhesive makes it impossible to review the product with out getting fingerprints and microscopic skin tissue on it. Returning Nubra® is essentially like trying to return a band-aid.

18. Some Press reviews have said that Nubra® might not hold up to long nights of dancing is this true?
A: We have read the articles and the reviewers could NOT have test them while dancing. We HAVE! And Yes they do stay on while dancing and perspiring. Of course, not all body types will accept the adhesion, some women’s skin is naturally oily. This is very rare.

19. I am a D cup can I wear Nubra®?
A: The Nubra® non padded Feather-lite comes in a D cup.

20. Will Nubra® hold up in humid climates?
A: Some of our customers have written in that Nubra® did not hold up well in humid climates. HOWEVER, those that FIRST cleaned their breasts with plain rubbing alcohol on cotton to remove excess skin oils, said that Nubra® stayed on much longer. Our CFO has been in hot humid Asia for several months traveling and says her Nubra® cups stay on all day and into the night, until she personally removes them for the evening.

21. What can I do when my silicone or super padded Nubra lose their stickyness?
A: Both the silicone and the super padded can still be used as bra insert push ups.

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